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AR 1.68 | Psionics FAQs
« on: March 14, 2006, 05:31:40 AM »

Constitution - DC of *MOST* Psychometabolism powers, addition/subtraction from psionic strength point (PSP) total.

Intelligence - DC of *MOST* Telepathic powers, addition/subtraction from psionic strength point (PSP) total.

Wisdom - DC of *MOST* other powers, MAIN STAT TO DETERMINE PSP TOTAL.

PSP totals are listed in the .PDF document available elsewhere in the forums.

Your DC for using an offensive power is based on a similar formula to a mage's.

The determining factor is the STATISTIC that power uses for its POWERSCORE.

For example, HALLUCINATION, a telepathic power, uses INTELLIGENCE as its powerscore statistic, so the DC formula for casting hallucination uses your intelligence, in much the same manner as a wizards finger of death uses the wizards intelligence in figuring his casting DC.

A power SCORE is a number used to modify a POWER CHECK roll.

A Power CHECK is a random number, similar to a TO HIT roll, but used to determine if you succeed in activating a power, rather than to see if it affects your target.

Each power has a statistic listed in its description, such as:

Powerscore: Int -4.

This means that when you activate the power, the game rolls a d20.

In order for the power to succeed in being CAST (not in affecting a target..just to actually CAST the power), you must roll LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO THE POWERSCORE.

Unlike a HIT ROLL, a 1 is NOT an automatic fail, and a 20 is NOT a critical hit OR an automatic success. In fact it is almost the opposite.

*IF* you roll a 20 on your power check the power fails to cast, and you lose a lesser amount of PSP than if you had succeeded.



Power Score: CON - 2

Player has a 20 con.

The player must roll 18 or less on a d20 to activate the power.

The power check is modified by the feats psionic focus 1 and 2, and epic psionic focus 1 and 2, which alter the power check by +2 each.

What this means is that if in the example above, the player had all four psionic focus feats for psychokinesis, his power score would ACTUALLY BE CON +6.

This would mean the player would *ONLY* fail to activate the power on a natural 20 on the powercheck dice roll.

A level 40 psionicist with no discipline of specialty feats casting ballistic attack would do:

1d6 + 40 damage per use, no save.

A level 40 psionicist with BOTH discipline of specialty: psychokinesis AND EPIC discipline of specialty: psychokinesis would do:

1d6 + 40 + 2 (discipline of specialty) + 2 (epic discipline of specialty).

Which translates to:

1d6 + 44....4 points more damage per cast.

This applies to ALL powers that change in their damage, protection, OR DURATION based on caster level.

i.e. ACCELERATE for someone with both specialty feats for psychometabolism would last 44 rounds, instead of 40 rounds.


Meta feats are a group of 'general' feats that modify how psionics work in some fashion.

some of these feats have been indirectly covered already in the above sections.

The feats I personally think of as 'meta feats' are similar to 'metamagic' feats for mages.

These are:
Harness Subconscious - next power used consumes no PSPs. May be used only once between rests.

Prolong - Duration of power doubles, cost to cast power triples. May be activated as often as desired. Must be activated BEFORE casting the power you wish to modify.

Magnify - EFFECT of power doubles,  cost to cast power triples. May be activated as often as desired. Must be activated BEFORE casting the power you wish to modify.

Meditative Focus - Next power activated AUTOMATICALLY activates (power check roll ignored). Has no affect on whether the target is affected by the power.  cost to cast power doubles, must be activated BEFORE casting the power you wish to modify.
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