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AR 1.68 | Feature List
« on: March 10, 2008, 02:55:15 PM »
Race changes - There are no half-orcs or gnomes on Athas, having been genocided centuries ago.  The remaining races have all changed to adapt to Athas' harsh desert environment.

New Races - play as a Thri-kreen, Half-giant, Mul, Pterran, Aarakocra, Genasi or Tari.  Long time role-players can choose from other races such as Yuan-Ti, Villichi, Illithid, Undead & Reggelid

20+ Factions.

Over 370 areas to explore.

Spell / Power Sneak Attacks - any touch or ranged touch attack spell or psionic power will add sneak / death attack damage if you have that class feat & catch your target flat-footed.

New Cleric Domains - we've added the Law, Luck & Chaos Domains along with our Templar Domains & expanded the Domain spell list for all elemental domains.

30+ Custom Spells taken from 2nd Edition Dark Sun & 3.5e D&D.  Existing Bioware spells & special abilities have been heavily modified & balanced for Epic PvP.

Potionfruit - Nearly every potion in the game as been replaced with an appropriate fruit.  The potions created by the Brew Potion feat have not been modified.

New Classes - Psionicist, Templar, Gladiator & Draqoman (Harper Scout).

Major class changes for Cleric, Preserver (Wizard), Defiler (Sorcerer), Harper Scout (Draqoman), Druid, Shifter, Ranger, Assassin, Shadowdancer, Necromancer (Pale Master), Bard & Blackguard.

Blackguard & Necromancer's summons have been heavily modified & balanced.

Custom Defiling Aura along with related feats for Defilers.

Rangers, Preservers & Animal Clerics are able to take Shifter as a Prestige Class, similar to PnP.  Druids cannot use metal equipment.

Epic Shifter forms now require ranks in the Lore (Knowledge: Nature) skill to select them, like in PnP.

Bard Song Modifications - we now have items that will modify / add to the effects of your Inspire / Curse song. These are taken from PnP as well.

Inferior Items - our obsidian / stone / wooden weapons now more closely follow PnP rules for inferior weapons.

Items - We have well over 500 custom items all with an Athasian flair.

Custom Merchant / Economy system.

Metal scarcity - Metal is rare on Athas & our items reflect that.

Creatures - Most of your standard D&D creatures such as Goblins & Dragons do not exist on Athas.  Behold the terrible power of elemental drakes.  Avoid becoming lunch for cunning feral halflings.  We also have about 20 creature models unique to Athas Reborn.

Over a dozen custom tilesets.

Persistant 3.5e Drug system taken from the Book of Vile Darkness.

In server bulletin / message board for guild use.

Spell Focus Changes - Some Spell Focus feats do a bit more than increase the DC of your spells.

Concentration checks for using scrolls in combat.

Rods & Wands now need to be wielded in a hand to use.

Custom PC Bounty system.

Custom Crafting System - make you own weapons & armor out of materials harvested
from various sources.

Custom Thirst System - you're in the desert, of course you're going to need water!
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