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« on: April 26, 2005, 10:49:33 AM »
I made this topic to give players an idea of how guilds function, what sort of advantages and disadvantages are offered, and what sort of responsibilities are required.

* For a guild to be formed you must have 5 members that play regularly and are not affiliated with any other guilds. it is frowned upon to be multi-guilded as it almost always causes conflicts of interest in the long term. This doe not apply obviously to NPC driven factions like the VA, Draqomen, Tyrian Templars, or Rogues guild.

* Once officially formed a guildhall is provided to your guild with many amenities. These include a special vendor that sells basic crafting supplies, all the necessary crafting containers such as anvils, alchemy tables, etc. The guild hall may be a maximum of 8x8 in size. You can design it yourself or ask me to do it. No scripts of any kind can be added to your hall if you make it. No special scripts of any kind will be written by me for your guild.

* Guild halls have a warchest that spawns a number of guild helms, keys, and a few rare and/or unattainable items with each reset. Guild Helms are probably one of the best types of helms in the game.

* Your guildhall can be located anywhere. That said, you may wish to consider locating it some place convenient for all levels of characters to reach if you play to use it as a base of operations for lower level characters.

* Guild halls have a special portal that can take you to a variety of places around the server or even to your party leader. That said, some locations may not be reachable due to magical or psionic interference ;)

*Guilds can be RP or PvP oriented. Regardless of guild orientation, guilds with rivalries are automatically PvP accept regardless of RP or character levels. This is not a license to grief however.
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