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Unique items
« on: September 22, 2004, 08:26:57 PM »
All characters over level 20 have the opportunity to earn a unique item. This will be an item of DM creation specifically for your character. This item will be balanced with all other existing gear and wont be higher than level 21 ILR.

As players you have some input as to the type of item.. whether it be a weapon, armor, shield, helm, etc

I must point out that these items will not be any more powerful than anything else in the game. And in general are based on the pre-epic to low epic items. Just personalized to the character in question.

How to earn one? Making the server a better more enjoyable place to play is the main way... good role playing... supporting us with ideas and time spent playing...

The DMs are usually watching or playing and will interact with many of you on a consistent basis whether you realize it or not. Do your best to remain in character since that makes you more memorable to us.

Remember... just because you are level 20 or higher DOESN'T ENTITLE you to a unique it merely makes you ELIGIBLE.
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