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AR 1.68 | Class Combo Restrictions
« on: August 18, 2010, 01:45:02 PM »
The level up script is now in effect.

If you have any of the following class combinations, you will no longer be able to advance your PC in level.

Paladin / Bard
Paladin / Draqoman
Paladin / Defiler
Paladin / Blackguard
Paladin / Assassin
Paladin / Necromancer
Defiler / Blackguard
Cleric / Defiler (exceptions taken for Silt, Sun & Magma Domains)
Elemental Champion / Defiler
Defiler / Preserver
Defiler / Ranger
Druid / Defiler
Druid / Blackguard
Druid / Necromancer
Druid / Assassin
Druid / Draqoman
In addition to the class restrictions, there are also domain restrictions in place.
Any player wishing to be a cleric must take one elemental domain (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water domains) or Para-elemental domain (Magma, silt, rain, or sun domains) and one non-elemental domain (Evil, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Plant, Protection, Strength, Travel, Trickery, or War domains).

Players wishing to be Templars must take the Templar domain, and chose a Sorcerer king to serve (Dregoth, Hamanu, Nibenay, Oronis, & The Oba domains) to advance in level.

Cleric's Elemental symbol that empowers the cleric with their chosen element will now be given at 30th cleric level only.

If you chose incorrect domains at first level, you will be unable to take a level past first level and will need to recreate your PC.  Any existing PC that fails to meet the level up check will need to be manually recreated. If you chose the wrong domains after 2nd character level, you will be forced to re-level and pick the appropriate combination of domains. If you have an existing PC that will not pass, PM me and arrangements can be made to correct the problem.
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