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Common AR / NWN Acronyms
« on: August 18, 2010, 01:34:19 PM »
Alt = Altaruk (a city)
BB = Blade Barrier, sometime called Bladewall (cleric spell)
BBoD = Black Blade of Disaster (sorc/wiz spell)
BRT = Be Right There
CW = Caravan Way
Ding! = Current term which is used to inform others that player has leveled
EC = Elven Caravan (a desert camp)
IGMS = Isaac's Greater Missile Storm (sorc/wiz spell)
Mule = A PC that was made specifically to hold items/gold, and not to play with
Newb/Noob = New Player
NPC = Non-Player Character
OMW = On My Way
PC = Player Character (see also Toon)
PFA = Protection from Alignment (see also PFE)
PFE = Protection from Evil
PK = Players Killer; Player that enjoy killing other players
PvM = Players vs. Monsters, a combat mode
PvP = Players vs. Players, a combat mode
RP = Role Play
SK = Sorcerer King
SoT = Sands of Time
SS = Shadow Square, now known as Merchant District
Toon = A Player Character
VA = Veiled Alliance
WoB = Wail of the Banshee (wiz/sorc spell)
WoF = Word of Faith (cleric spell)