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AR 1.68 | Rules
« on: August 18, 2010, 01:46:05 PM »
While Athas reborn is a very laid back server. We do have a few rules by which everyone must abide.

1) Talk channel is for RP ,If you must speak out-of-character make sure it is identified with out-of-character: before your text if you are speaking out of character.

2) Party channel is used to talk to people in the party that are not in same area and it is very casual used for out-of-character: and RP.

3)Shout channel should be avoided if another channel will suffice. If a shout is necessary try to keep it in RP. Shout is mainly used to announce an event (player or DM), to find a party, or to sell an item.
Shouts may be used also if you are stuck and require assistance. Profanity in shout is reprimandable.

4) Unwanted harassment of any sort will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly

5) PvP... Athas Reborn has its roots in the DSO mod originally designed by Trump and Aserath. As such there is a high element of PvP involved in Athas Reborn. The main things to keep in mind for PvP is that it should always be role played and we prefer if those who don't wish to PvP are given an opportunity to avoid it such as levying a toll to pass unharmed or at least warned that you are laying claim to an area and trespassers should leave. PvP isn't the focus of Athas Reborn but we do find that some elements of it enhance the living presence of the world and things done to balance PvP also help to make the rest of the world more challenging.

6) Do not threaten people with banning if you aren't a DM the only person who has authority to ban anyone are the DMs. Claiming you are a DM when you aren't is reprimandable and will be severe.
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