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The Champions of Rajaat
« on: August 18, 2010, 04:09:33 PM »
1st Champion of Rajaat
Sacha (of Arala), Curse of the Kobolds

2nd Champion of Rajaat
Kalak, Ogre Doom
Sorcerer King of Tyr
*Died in Free Year 1

3rd Champion of Rajaat
Dregoth, Ravager of Giants
Sorcerer King of Guistenal
*Now an Undead Sorcerer King

4th Champion of Rajaat
Myron (of Yorum), Troll Scorcher
Hamanu (also known as Manu of Deche), Destroyer of Trolls
Sorcerer King of Urik
*Hamanu replaced Myron as the 4th Champion

5th Champion of Rajaat
Abalach-Re (aka Uyness of Waverly), Orc Plague
Sorcerer Queen of Raam

6th Champion of Rajaat
Nibenay (aka Gallard), Bane of Gnomes
Sorcerer King of Nibenay

7th Champion of Rajaat
Sielba, Destroyer of Pterrans
Sorcerer Queen of Yaramuke

8th Champion of Rajaat
Andropinis (aka Alberon), Slayer of Elves
Sorcerer King of Balic
*Died in Free Year 10

9th Champion of Rajaat
Tectuktitlay, Wemic Annihilator
Sorcerer King of Draj
*Died in Free Year 10

10th Champion of Rajaat
Keltis, Lizard Man Executioner
Sorcerer King of Kurn
*It is rumored that Keltis renounced his draconic metamophosis and became Oronis, the first Avangion.

11th Champion of Rajaat
Lalali-Puy (aka the Oba of Gulg), Aarakocra Scourge
Sorcerer Queen of Gulg

12th Champion of Rajaat
Wyan (of Bodach), Pixie Blight

13th Champion of Rajaat
Borys (of Ebe), Butcher of Dwarves
First Dragon of Athas and ruler of UrDraxa
*Died in Free Year 10

14th Champion of Rajaat
Daskinor Goblin Death
Sorcerer King of Eldaarich

15th Champion of Rajaat
Kalid-Ma, Destroyer of Tari
Sorcerer King of Kalidnay