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AR 1.68 | Server Changes
« on: September 13, 2004, 08:21:13 PM »
This topic contains all the specific changes and information on our server. You'll find any spell changes, skill changes and what not all here.

We play the Dark Sun Online mod and are doing development with it. We are not the original creators of this mod however though we do hope to take it into a more fun and entertaining direction than the original admins took the original.

You can find Athas Reborn in PW Action

Athas Reborn requires the CEP and our own Athas Reborn hak pak. Notification about updates to the hak pak will be posted in this forum.

A warning on Neverwinter Nights settings: Our OnDeath scripts react poorly when violence level is set to special... it may cause you to crash. To maximize your enjoyment on Athas Reborn we advise you set your violence level to full which is the setting just before special.

Athas has no gods... the elements are worshipped as divinities on Athas and there are special vendors for those clerics with an elemental domain which sell gear unobtainable anywhere else and also offer a great sell and buy rate.

Athas has no gnomes or half-orcs.. instead Athas has half-giants (half-orc is probably the best base race to use) and Muls (human is probably the best base race to use). While no race is restricted this info is provided for those who wish to remain in role as best possible.

Spellcasters on Athas are divided into Preservers and Defilers.
For game mechanics purposes Preservers are wizards (predominantly of good alignment and the wizard gear reflects that) and Defilers are Sorcerers (predominantly of evil alignment and again the sorcerer gear reflects that)

Many areas require water to avoid becoming dehydrated.  Armor does not affect this currently.

Spell Changes:

All temporary effects on items from spells such as Magic Weapon and Flame Weapon spells are dispelled by dispel type spells and also cleared on login to the server.

Expeditious Retreat lasts 10 rounds per level instead of 1 round per level. I know many folk hate being slow and we do not allow perma-haste in game this change makes the spell more valuable and it makes items that cast it a lot more valuable to non spellcasters.

True Seeing does not reveal hidden characters but it does provide see invisibility, ultravision, +5 to spot and search as well as immunity to all Illusion Spells.

Heal heals 8hp per caster level

Harm inflicts 8 hp per caster level with a fortitude save for half

Greater Restoration heals 10hp per caster level

Greater Sanctuary lasts 1 round per 5 levels

Bigby Spells are more balanced but still useful:

Forceful Hand has a fortitude save with a DC 5 points higher than normal. Duration is 1 round per 5 Levels.

Grasping hand to has a will save 5 DC points higher than normal. Duration is 1 round per 5 levels

Crushing Hand lasts for 1 round per 8 levels with a generous increase in damage (5d6+15). At level 40 it can do up to 235 points of damage over time.

Issac's Greater Missile Storm now makes 1 missile per level to a max of 20 missiles each doing 1d6+2 with a save vs fort for half damage. Thats 80 to 160 points over unavoidable and virtually irresistible damage. Still potent and yet not out of bounds with other spells.

Fireball/Lightning Bolt/Mestil's Acid Breath/Scintillating Sphere: (cap raised to 15d6 at level 25 and 20d6 at 35)

Delayed Blast Fireball (cap raised to 25d6 at level 30 and 30d6 at level 40)

Chainlightning (cap raised to 25d6 at level 30, 35d6 at level 35 and 40d6 at level 40)

Meteor Swarm (base normal cap raised to 25d6, raise to 30d6 at level 30, 35d6 at level 35 and 40d6 at level 40)

Fire Storm (this modification is for DRUIDS AND SUN CLERICS ONLY) damage uncapped 1d6/per level with no cap

Sunburst (this modification is for DRUIDS AND SUN CLERICS ONLY) damage vs undead uncapped

Earthquake (cap raised to 20d6 at level 30 for templars) & (for druids and earth clerics only - cap raised to 20d6 at level 25, 25d6 at level 30 and 30d6 at level 40)

Bombardment (cap raised to 15d8 at level 30 and 20d8 at level 40)

Spike Growth (damage raised to 2d4 at level 10, 3d4 at level 20, 4d4 at level 30, and 5d4 at level 40 duration reduced to turns rather than hours)

Quillfire (uncapped the damage so the max is 1d8+20)

Divine Hammer (cap raised to 10d8 at level 40)

Greater Dispelling (for druids, templars and clerics only) acts exactly like Mordenkainen's Disjunction when the caster reaches level 30 in his casting class

Premonition and Greater Stoneskin have had their DR improved based on caster level to coincide with the introduction of the new epic level equipment. At level 30 Premonition provides 30/+6 DR, at 35 it gives 30/+7 DR and at 40 it gives 30/+8 DR. Greater Stoneskin gives 20/+6 DR at level 30 and 20/+7 DR at level 40

Horrid Wilting (cap raised to 30d8 at level 30 and 35d8 at level 40)

Time Stop only affects the area it is cast in and all beings frozen in time are unable to be damaged while frozen. There is also a cooldown period so timestop cannot be cast consecutively.

Call Lightning (cap raised to 15d6 at level 25, 20d6 at level 35)

The level 9 Gate spell has been modified. The creature summoned now grows in power as its summoner does. At levels 25, 30, 35 and 40 the summoned being will become stronger. Casters with the feat Epic Spell Focus: Conjuration will find that their summons are different and more powerful than the summons of other casters.

Epic Spell: Greater Ruin (DC 10 points higher than normal damage raised to 40d8)

Epic Spell: Hellball (DC 10 points higher than normal with an additional 10d6 points of magical damage)

Epic Spell: Drake's Call (Summons a young fire drake which is far more imposing that the standard Neverwinter Nights dragon summon)

Epic Spell: Open The Gray (Summons a Kaisharga Lord which is far more imposing that the standard Neverwinter Nights undead summon)

Epic Spell: Epic Warding's duration has been modified to 1 round for every 2 caster levels. This change is a PvP balancing change. The changes to to premonition and Greater stoneskin help make up for reduction in duration of Epic Warding.

Magic Weapon and Greater Magic Weapon can enhance missile weapons with an attack bonus and ammunition with a damage bonus.

Greater Magic Weapon and Magical Vestment now give their bonuses based on every 5 levels instead of every 3. To balance this and to coincide with the new epic level armor and weapons the maximum benefit from these spells has been increased to +8
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