General Rules

1.) Talk channel is for RP ,If you must speak OOC make sure it is identified with "OOC:" or "//"" before your text if you are speaking out of character.

2.) Party channel is used to talk to people in the party that are not in same area and it is very casual used for OOC and RP.

3.) Shout channel should be avoided if another channel will suffice. If a shout is necessary try to keep it in RP. Shout is mainly used to announce an event (player or dm), to find a party, or to sell an item.
Shouts may be used also if you are stuck and require assistance. Profanity in shout is reprimandable.

4.) Do not threaten people with banning if you arent a DM.  The only people who have authority to ban anyone are the DMs.  Claiming you are a DM when you arent is reprimandable and will be severe.

5.) Do not abuse known bioware bugs.

PvP Rules


2.) You MUST have anyone you intend to attack on dislike BEFORE you attack them

3.) You MUST warn someone that if they do not leave your zone or pay a tithe they will be a target and then you must give a reasonable amount of time to allow them to vacate the zone. PvP should NEVER be forced on the unwilling.

4.) Server wide PKing just because you can or cause you feel like it or cause someone looked at you funny is not acceptable.

5.) Take screenshots of your kills and the dialogue you use to warn the target of your kills. This protects you should a complaint occur

6.) If you cant be bothered to take a screen shot of conversation text and or being killed unwillingly I cant be bothered to listen to you complain about being killed. If you cant be bothered to take a screen shot of a kill you make to protect your ass then I cant be bothered to listen to you complain when I wipe your vault cause someone DID take a screenshot of you breaking the rules

7.) The PK boards are there for a reason pay attention to who is on them and use that handy little pool in caravan way to see where they are so you know where not to go so you can avoid PvP.

8.) If you have a bounty on your head you are a target period no ifs ands or buts about it, you can be hunted down and PvPd to claim that bounty. How you got that bounty isnt my problem. Once that bounty is gone however you are no longer a target and griefing will not be tolerated. If you choose to attack the person who killed you that is up to you.

9.) Anyone on the top player killer board is fair game for PvP. You got there for a reason. The Arena board is not the same as the player killer board and is not a licsence to PvP those people.

10.) Griefing is not acceptable. That said however it is not grieifng if someone warns you out of their claimed zone and you do not comply. If you are given the chance to leave the area and avoid PvP and you do not comply and are killed the person who killed you broke no rules.

11.) At no point may you claim or tax another guild's hall. If you stage a raid stage it and be done. You do not continuously harrass them or you are violating rule 10.

12.) Pick Pocketing is a PvP action. While you do not have to announce your attempts to pick pocket you must not grief the person whom you have stolen from. That means do not follow them around and continuously steal from them. Griefing will not be tolerated.

13.) Rival Guilds are PvP accept with no questions asked... if you are part of a guild and you have a rivalriy with another guild then you are fair game. That said keep the encounters roleplayed and do not repeatedly grief your targets in a short span of time.

14.) If you intentionally set someone to dislike your are inviting PvP. If you accidentally set them to dislike be sure to tell them and change it back to like and advise them to do the same.

15.) Any player character with NON PVP in their character NAME should NEVER under ANY circumstances be involved in PvP. That said such characters may NOT particpate in PvP on pain of losing both lvls and their NON PVP status. (e.g. you name your toon George Schmoe - NON PVP, that character should never be attacked in PvP nor should they ever be attacking someone in PvP. While accidents are understandable in some cases, I will review every case thoroughly).